Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd. started making elevators in 1984 and came in to Indonesia in the 1990s (distributed by PT. Superhelindo Jaya). Hyundai elevators are very common in Indonesia.


(below) Apartemen Robinson, Jakarta (video: sumosoftinc).

(below) Siloam Hospital Lippo Village, South Tangerang (video: sumosoftinc)

(below) Pluit Village, Jakarta (video by sumosoftinc).

Here’s another 1990s Hyundai elevators with metal and glass buttons.

(below) Mall Kelapa Gading, Jakarta – metal buttons (by Ray Krislianggi)


(below) Mall WTC Matahari, Serpong – glass buttons (by Dion Daniel)

Some 1990s basic elevator with digital indicators.

(below) Istana Kuta Galleria, Bali

(below) Pluit Auto Plaza, Jakarta (video: sumosoftinc)

Another 1990s style.



(below) Prima Medika Hospital, Bali (west building)

(below) Planet Hollywood Restaurant, Bali (now closed)

2000s to present

Now to the modern Hyundai elevators.

(below) ITC Cibinong, Jakarta (video: Orisa Pradito). This is a rather unusual Hyundai elevator.

Generic-looking Hyundai elevator.


(below) Prima Medika Hospital, Bali (east building)

(below) Grand Indonesia, Jakarta (by Kevin Amadeo)

Standard Hyundai elevator with Type 30 buttons (it’s so rare to find this elevator with these buttons).

(below) Grand Indonesia, Jakarta (by sumosoftinc)

And here’s the current model.

(below) Ping Hotel Seminyak, Bali.


(below) Grand Mercure Harmoni, Jakarta (video by sumosoftinc)

Another generic-looking Hyundai elevator (looks much better than the previous generic type).

(below) Avenue of the Stars – Lippo Mall Kemang, Jakarta

Another standard Hyundai elevator with slightly different indicators.

(below) Bali Dynasty Resort, Bali

(below) Summarecon Mall Serpong I, South Tangerang (video by sumosoftinc)

Destination Selecting System: choose a floor before you get in. This is Hyundai’s destination dispatch elevator!

(below) Citicon Tower, Jakarta (video: sumosoftinc).